Martin Helda: Types Of Floors To Consider In A Commercial Space

Martin Helda
3 min readApr 30, 2022

If you plan to open up a business, apart from the products and services you will sell and render, you also have to consider your store’s set up. Your store should look appealing and pleasant to the eyes, it should also make your shoppers or clients feel comfortable.

One of the things you have to seriously consider is the establishment’s floor. Some neglect this as they think that the floor is not an essential part of their store. Little they know that the floor plays a huge part in terms of the overall look and feel of their store.

Even the popular entrepreneur Martin Helda knows that floors are important, hence, he puts up a commercial flooring company to serve businesses who are in need of high quality flooring services.

Moving on, to give you a head start, this article is about a few flooring types you can consider for your commercial space.

Types Of Floors To Consider For A Commercial Space

There are multiple types of floors you can consider, and just to provide you with a few of the most popular, read below:


This is a cheaper substitute to stone, tile or hardwood flooring. It is very easy to maintain and clean, plus, it is very durable. This is a perfect option in various environments, such as kitchens, corridors, waiting rooms, and traffic offices with high traffic.

It offers multiple advantages, some of which are:

Water and scratch resistant

Cheaper substitute to imitate the appeal of stone, tile and hardwood flooring

Installation is quick and simple

It feels warmer and softer on the foot compared to hard floors

Easy to maintain and clean

If there are advantages, this also comes with a few disadvantages such as:

It cannot be repaired, replacement is required when it breaks

If it is not installed properly, the appeal it promises to provide won’t be achieved

Natural hard floor flooring

This is considered to be the most attractive type of flooring in the market today. Hence, despite its price, premium offices still turn to this option when they need flooring installation.

This is a perfect option for almost all environments, such as retail spaces, design spaces, kitchens, and offices.

So, why do you think you must consider hardwood flooring? Here are a few reasons you need to know:

Obviously, its best attribute is its beautiful appearance

It is also easy to maintain and clean

It is highly durable

You can choose between modern or traditional style, whichever suits your business better

Despite the many benefits of hardwood flooring, there are drawbacks you also need to consider, and a few of them are:

It is pricey

It is noisy especially when someone is walking, hence if your business requires peace, then this is not the best option for you

There are more types of floorings to consider, and if you are in the mid of choosing, you have to consider not just the benefits but the drawbacks too.



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