Martin Helda Explains Common Flooring Mistakes to Avoid

Martin Helda
3 min readDec 3, 2021
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Flooring is a vital activity that ensures the building has a proper base. Depending on the traffic on that specific floor, you can choose the desired type of floors like wood, tiles, or something else. The options available for flooring are vast. Also, you can find several companies like Martin Helda’s, helping you with such activities. However, you should avoid the following flooring mistakes while hiring a contractor for these activities.

Direct tiling

Tiling is the major choice of flooring. However, you should keep some things in mind while installing the tiles on the concrete floor. If your installer applies the tiles directly to the concrete ground, you may witness some cracks on your tiles after a few days. It is because of the cracks that are common in concrete floors. As there is no separation between the two layers, these cracks would also get reflected on the tile’s layer. So, you may have to install new tiles again. However, you can avoid this by applying an isolation membrane between the two layers to prevent it. So, you should make sure that your installer does not make the mistake of applying tiles directly.

Mistake with natural stone

If you decide to use natural stone for the floor, you should not let your installer do so without sufficient subfloors beneath the layer. Usually, people would use two or more plywood plates for efficient flooring. If your installer goes below two, you are in danger as the floor may be prone to cracks and damages. So, you should not commit this mistake. Also, the two subfloors lying underneath should be set in a position such that the joints do not get placed on one another.

Not given enough time

Tiles will not sit on the floor with all their grip at once. They will require some hours or days to settle with the grout and other elements. If your installer or the construction workers decide to proceed with other operations even without giving this settling time, your floor is in trouble. You may end up in a situation to re-do everything from the beginning. So, you should avoid this mistake of not giving enough time for the tiles to settle. Mostly, the newbie contractors do this.

Starting from an easy area

While flooring with wood or any other material, there would be some places where it is easy to complete the process. However, there will be some regions where it is tedious to do so. The point from which your installer starts flooring is crucial. If this place ends up as the wrong one, the finishing activities would become hectic. So, choosing the wrong spot to start the flooring activities is an avoidable mistake.

Not using enough glue

Wood floors and other types of flooring where layers of the material are used should get finished with the help of glue. If your installer does not use glue or uses limited glue alone, the floor could be in danger. You should avoid this flooring mistake for sure.



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