A Martin Helda Guide: 3 Major Advantages of Using Concrete Flooring

Martin Helda
3 min readFeb 8, 2022


When building a home or commercial property, the first thing you have to consider is the type of flooring that will be installed. When it comes to picking out your type of flooring, there are a wide array of options available which can make the task more difficult than it has to be.

Flooring is an integral part of any design and the type of flooring you pick will dictate the difficulty of the installation and maintenance that is needed to be done. Flooring professional, Martin Helda would recommend you to go for concrete flooring as your choice among all the available flooring materials.

Although you might have several options available from hardwood, carpet, vinyl and even tiles, concrete is a better option among all of them and can even be used in conjunction with other types of flooring. To understand why concrete is a good flooring option, let’s go over the advantages they bring compared to the rest of the flooring options.

Lower Maintenance Costs and Upkeep Needed Compared to Other Flooring Options

The first advantage that concrete flooring has compared to other flooring options is that they are the lowest maintenance flooring options out there. In comparison to other flooring options, any stains, dust or dirt found in concrete flooring is easily cleaned off. Additionally, you won’t be having any extra costs with having to buy any unique cleaning products or solutions which other floorings would need to keep them properly maintained. Simple cleaning products such as vacuum and water will do fine compared to other floorings such as carpet floorings which would require a special cleaning solution to remove any stains.

Made of the Most Durable Materials

It should come as no surprise that concrete flooring is extremely durable and incredibly sturdy. This durability is a testament to the material that the flooring is made of and the main reason why this type of flooring is famous in many commercial and industrial buildings. It is also very common to use concrete flooring in conjunction with other flooring options to make them more durable.

With concrete flooring, you are assured of the stability and peace of mind that the flooring will last several long years. An added benefit with this type of flooring and its material is that it can easily be refurbished if any cracks or damages are found. Filling up the gaps with the same concrete material will easily repair the flooring making it look good as new. Furthermore, special dyes and products can be added to the concrete solution to make it look more appealing making concrete more versatile than it originally was

Little to No Disadvantages Making It the Overall Safer

The last advantage that concrete flooring has come from the combination of the previous 2 advantages. Concrete flooring is extremely safe while also being relatively cheap making it a very cost-effective option available. The low maintenance and upkeep costs won’t cause any problems with budgeting and the durability of the materials not only assures the quality of your flooring but also safety. Compared to other floorings, concrete is very resistant to heat and fire making the flooring significantly safer as it won’t pose a potential fire hazard in the case of a house fire.



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